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We're back!!!

Dead serious...
Due to popular demand, Helderberg Info is back on the web. Leaner, meaner, with a new look.

After it was initially created and maintained as a hobby, HI started getting more and more hits. Therefore, out with the old, in with the new. It was necessary to disappear from the web for a while to get a facelift, but here we are again. Only this time, no more games. We're dead serious.

Lost in cyberspace
HI gets a lot of emails from foreigners - UK, Germany, France, USA, all over. All of them start off more or less the same: "Can you please help me. I have been looking for... (whatever) ...in your area, and cannot find it on the internet." Amazing, but true. It is shocking how badly our region is represented on the web. HI intends changing all that.

Local is lekker!*
Who needs Hermanus when we have just as many whales? Besides, the whale watching spots are less crowded. We don't need Table Mountain when we have the Helderberg mountains. We don't need the Waterfront when we have Gordon's Bay. We don't need Clifton or Camp's Bay when we have the never-ending Strand beaches and Bikini Beach. Then we also have Kogel Bay for the best surf in the Western Cape, we have more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the country, and we have the people and the hospitality...

Don't you think it's high time we tell the world about us???

* Tourist translation: "Lekker" = Cool. Very cool.

Watch this space!
There are a lot of exciting developments still to come on this site, but no beans shalt be spilt prematurely. Suffice to say that the "Accommodation" and "Restaurants" sections are the most pressing needs - everybody has to sleep and eat sometimes. However, we are now into silly season, with everybody doing their bit for the micro-economy of the region. HI understands that it is harvest time, and no distractions will be tolerated, therefore we won't be contacting anybody for inclusion on the site before January 2003.

In the meantime, if there is anybody in the hospitality industry, restaurant business, or any other business who requires more information or wants to be listed, please contact us using the email link in the left sidebar.

A man who loves not wine, women or song, will stay a fool his whole life long.